7 Types of Dresses You Should Know

7 Types of Dresses You Should Know


Dresses are out there in hundreds of styles and forms, and there are many different categories classifying dresses based on different criteria. Knowing the type of the dress will help you determine whether or not the dress fits your body type. Hence, keep on reading to learn more about the main 7 types of dresses.


Maxi dresses:

Maxi dresses are long dresses that flow down to your ankles or even touch the ground. Flowy fabrics are used in maxi dresses. They’re good for a day at the beach or lazy days when you want to effortlessly dress up.


The slip dress:

Slip dresses are old-fashioned type of dresses that look like undergarment dresses. Soft silky fabrics are usually used for slip dresses. Spaghetti straps also define slip dresses, and they’re sometimes lacy.  


Bodycon dresses:

These dresses are body-hugging dresses that are tight and fitting. They can be both formal and casual. Bodycon dresses gracefully highlight the contour of the body. Stretchy fabrics are used in bodycon dresses, and they nearly reach the knee. This type works perfectly for people with the hourglass body shape.


Mermaid dresses:

As the name suggests, mermaid dresses are a body-fitting piece with a wider part at the bottom of the dress. Pear-shaped and hourglass-shaped body types are stunning in the mermaid dresses.


Ballgown dresses:

There are many variations that fall under this category. These dresses are for formal and fancy nights. They’re usually long reaching the floor and are known for their bouffant skirt.  


Bardot dresses:

Bardot dresses come in different lengths; however, they all have the off-shoulder element in common. These dresses are named after Bridgette Bardot, and they look astonishing on most body types.


Shirt dress:

Shirt dresses are basically loose-fitting dresses that are longer versions of regular shirts. They usually have a shirt collar with buttons. They’re comfortable and cool for casual events.


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