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Clothing Tips All Women Should Know

Every woman has the right to express herself the way she wants through her clothes; whether it’s edgy or conservative. But some rules are made to serve you and ensure you’re getting the best out of your clothing style alongside the comfort you deserve. The following are some basics you should be aware of that are designed for the perfect woman apparel. 


  • Acknowledge The Color Wheel:

Colors are what determines your outfit. You need to be aware of what colors go with what, and how to match different colors from the opposite ends of the wheel.


  • Learn The Principles Of Showing Skin:

When you purchase a dress for an event that only comes once in a while, you need to make sure that your dress is showing elegance and not making you look cliché. Showing too much skin in the wrong places can be disturbing. You need a balance, for example, if you’re going backless, there is no need to show so much cleavage, and so on.


  • Invest In A Well-fitting Bra:

Wearing the right bra is not only a healthy thing to do but also a fashionable principle. Well-fitting bras are major elements of putting you in a great shape that represents your true persona.


  • Determine Your Body Type:

Not all bodies are the same, and thus, there are uncountable styles and fashion tastes out there. As plus-size, you can’t go ahead and try to fit yourself in clothes not designed for you. If you have the sandglass body type, you shouldn’t go with a style made for the apple-shaped body type.


  • Think A Little More About It:

Giving your choice of clothes a second thought is never a bad idea. Think about what makes you look slimmer, what colors suit your skin, what type of pants make your legs look longer, what shapewear is comfortable for your body shape, and so on.


  • Spice It Up:

Adding some accessories to your outfit, a bag, a scarf, or a pair of nice shoes can turn your whole outfit upside down; in a good way. Make careful decisions when it comes to accessories, and learn when it’s too much.


  • You’re A Queen:

Always treat your body the way it deserves. You’re worth looking like a queen, so treat yourself like one. Always invest whatever it takes for the sake of your beauty, and learn when to say “no”.




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