Coronavirus (Covid-19); What You Really Need to Know

Coronavirus (Covid-19); What You Really Need to Know

Coronavirus has now become a confirmed worldwide pandemic. Yet, there is absolutely no need to freak out; it would do you no good. The first thing you need to do is to get more informed. The more you know about it; the better you become at protecting yourself and your family from it.

The virus has hit 157 counties and the number is increasing. Coronavirus is now horizontally spreading; meaning its source does not limit to China, it’s being spread within various societies. Surprisingly, Italy is excessively and highly suffering from this pandemic at the moment with its quarantine, packed hospitals, and increased daily cases and deaths. A lot of public and political figures are infected with the coronavirus, and an increasing number of countries has suspended flights from and to other countries. That sounds scary right?

 Corona Virus

The Coronavirus started to be noticed outside of China since January this year; however, it became a really serious matter in the last couple of weeks. This startling attention to the virus happened because the number of cases, deaths, and affected countries keep climbing higher and higher. On the 6th  of Jan, there were about 174 cases out of China; that number shockingly jumped to more than 21500 cases by 6th of March; or in other words, there is a 15%-20% increase on a daily basis. These numbers are extremely frightening.


If this pandemic keeps on going with its jumping numbers, it is estimated that by the end of May; there will be about 1 billion cases; which is horrifying since the death rate is 3%; meaning there will be 30 million death cases in less than 2 months. It would be worse than any world war humans have witnessed.

 It’s an international crisis that we’re all going through together. In Kuwait, the number of cases has jumped to 180+ cases, and it increasing. Thus far, Kuwait is actually doing what has to be done; there’s a massive locking down for the country over the weekend; and till now, it’s the only nation to do so; after Italy.


The coronavirus has turned the lives of people upside down. The streets are desolated, malls and shops are closed and as empty as haunted places. All sorts of entertainments from cafes to dine-in restaurants to cinemas and sports clubs are put to a halt. It’s all due to the governmental recommendations and orders to their people to stay at home. This is a tiring time, and we should all take our responsibility of following the government orders and stay at home. There are no more mosque prayers and people should abandon their warm greetings they’re used to. We’re in this together, so, let’s do it right. Let’s help the sick, the elderly, and the weak in our society by preventing this pandemic to spread further. Let’s take some drastic measures now before it’s too late. There is no time to be selfish, we need to start thinking of others and how our minor actions can facilitate getting others infected.


So, what action should you take?

As an individual, you need to understand that you should not take this lightly. You share the responsibility of helping to stop the spread of this pandemic.


Stay at Home: Keep yourself and your family inside your homes with as little contact with other individuals as possible. In middle eastern families; there are a lot of family members under the same roof. Make sure each person uses their own clean tools and belongings. Avoid places that are crowded with over 50 people. Plus, always make sure to wash your hands from 20 to 40 seconds with water and soap, also, practice not touching your face or other people.


Avoid Traveling: Try to stop traveling for any reason whatsoever, whether domestic traveling or especially international traveling. If you have to travel, make sure to isolate yourself as soon as you get to your accommodation place to guarantee not affecting other people if you’re carrying the virus.


Isolate Yourself If You’re Sick: If you’re feeling a bit sick, make sure to isolate yourself at your own home; stay at least 2 meters away from anyone and don’t make any physical contact. Use a face mask to avoid spreading illnesses to others; and go to the hospital when you feel like the symptoms are going to get a bit severe.


 Other Tips: To Practice a Home-Quarantine, follow the next steps:

  • Stay at home not less than 7 to 14 days.
  • Get a food supply sufficient for 2 weeks.
  • Get enough disposable anti-bacteria wipes and gloves.
  • Make sure your fist aid kit has a thermometer and an antipyretic.
  • Get enough over-the-counter medications that are enough for 2 weeks.
  • Stay in touch with and support your family and friends that don’t live with you.

Corona Virus

If you are careful and follow the previous steps, there is a great chance you’re protecting yourself and even your society from this pandemic. However, if you still get the virus, and you follow the steps; there are two case scenarios. Firstly, the virus might just die inside you causing you no symptoms or tiredness and without being spread to others. Or, the person will go to the hospital but while being assured that they haven’t affected anyone else with the virus. In both cases, you did your part of the international responsibility.

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