Easing into Online School with Your Kids

Easing into Online School with Your Kids

The good old days when you could send your kids to school and get back to sleep or have your personal time alone are new becoming nostalgic dreams. You, as a parent, play a huge role in the success of your kids in these unprecedent times. Online schooling is becoming the new normal, and you have to be able to control it before it controls you.


Here’s how to ease into it:

  • Eliminate distractions:

Adults can easily fall in the traps of the mundane distractions, let alone kids. If you want your kid to focus on the online activities in front of him, make sure to eliminate any cause of noise such as the T.V., other siblings or family members, or toys that could take his attention away.

  • Choose a certain space:

You don’t need to design a specified “study” room; your kid can basically study anywhere that is quiet and motivating. Having one specific area of the house that is agreed to be the studying area can help your kid easily get in the mood of studying and concentrating.

  • Know the technology:

Always be ahead of the game and try to understand what your kid has to do and what technologies he’ll need. It’s never a shame to ask or look things up when you don’t get it. Your kids will defiantly appreciate some technical help; especially if they’re young or unexperienced.

  • Communication:

Communicating with your kids, their teachers, or other parents is a key to success in the online schooling realm. It’s a new experience for you too, hence, sharing it and discussing your options, expectations, or complications with others is always handy.

  • Time management:

Get used to the process of planning your day out as well as your kid’s day. Give room to changes and flexible, give breaks when needed, and try to be as punctual as possible. It’s never wrong to reschedule or try and experiment with different schedules till, eventually, you figure out the perfect schedule for the whole family.


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