Get the Right Information About Your Bras

Get the Right Information About Your Bras

We never get educated about the correct use of a bra, no one usually tells us whether the things we hear about bras are true or not. Everybody tells you their own personal experience which can never be the same for every single woman out there. However, there are some basic pieces of information and tips you got to wrap your head around before purchasing a new bra. We, at Layla Collection, are providing you with the following pieces of advice to consider when buying our signature bras.


1- You will not be in the same bra size for your entire life.

Changes happen to the body of every woman, whether for direct reasons such as pregnancy or indirect reasons such as aging. There are a lot of other reasons like hormones, gaining or losing weight etc. that will affect the size of your bra and it is so unlikely that you will wear the same bra size for 30 years! You don’t settle on only one bra size your whole life; thus, you need to get yourself a new bra when you start feeling that your size is not sufficient enough. Make a regular annual checking for your measurements in order to be sure of your bra size.

Bra Size and Comfort

2- The bra is all about its band.

No, it is not the cup of the bra that provides the support, nor the strips; it’s the band that offers the majority of support -if not all of it. When you want to get a bra with good support, you need to think about the activity that you will be doing whilst wearing the bra; meaning, if you want to work out or you’re constantly moving throughout the day, then wear a sports bra. However, if you are going out, you might want to wear a bra that is not constricting.


3- Your bra size might be different from one brand to another.

If you wear a certain bra size in a brand, it doesn’t mean you’re the same size in all the other brands; this is a huge misconception for a lot of women. Bra sizes are not international, you will need to make sure of your size with each brand. Here, at Layla Collection, you can contact us through the WhatsApp icon to ask about whatever you want regarding the sizes of the bras and whatnot, and you’ll be provided with all the answers that you need.


4- Wash your bra on a regular basis.

Some women have the wrong belief that they should not wash their bras very often, because they might think “it’s not that dirty anyways”. It is a myth. Bras should be washed on a regular basis to get rid of the oils and the dirt that comes off your skin in case you don’t want your bra to lose it elasticity and if you want it to last you for a longer time. The less you wash your bra, the more it becomes worn out.


5- Sleeping in a bra will not enhance the condition of your breast.

It’s arguable amongst women whether they should or should not sleep in their bras. The answer is: “it’s totally up to you”. There is no specific rule about wearing or taking off a proper-fitting bra when sleeping; however, they will not play a role in enhancing the shape of your breasts. What can affect the shape of your breasts is actually wearing a bra that fits, but sleeping in one will definitely not change anything.

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