How to Choose the Right Bathrobe for You

How to Choose the Right Bathrobe for You

If you are using a regular bath towel, you are definitely missing on a lot of luxuries. Why not start your day off in a fancier, less-mundane step after a warm morning shower with a fluffy bathrobe?

Bathrobes are not just luxury items, they’re becoming a personal must-have nowadays. Even if it’s not for your personal use, a bathrobe can be the most thoughtful gift you can ever give to anyone, literally anyone; whether for men, women, old and young, nobody will say no to having a comfy bathrobe. No woman will reject the desire to add a bathrobe to her wardrobe to feel like she has got her own home spa! There isn’t just one use for a bathrobe, you can wear a bathrobe whenever and for whatever you want; one can simply put on a bathrobe after a shower, others might use them as their daily body-covering item.

One high-quality bathrobe can last you for years! Thus, when you need to choose one, you got to choose it with a careful eye and attention to details. In today’s market, there are a lot of types and styles of bathrobes to choose from; therefore, keep on reading to find out how to choose the right bathrobe type for you.


Tips on Choosing A Bathrobe That Fits:

1- Go soft with the colors for your bathrobe.

Bathrobes are all about relaxation and comfort; hence, going with eye-comforting colors is highly recommended. At Layla Collection, you will find the perfect soft and relaxing bathrobe colors for you. For example, you can enjoy a pink, lilac, ecru, or a brown bathrobe.

2- Choose your comfort.

One basic reason why people love wearing bathrobes is the satisfactory comfort of them. Therefore, you got to choose the fabric that feels good for your skin and that won’t restrict your movements. You need to find out the look you desire, is it about looking comfortable, or sexy? Or a mix of both? The common fabrics used in making bathrobes vary e.g. fleece, Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, cashmere, or silk etc. Your options are unlimited. Plus, choose the right fabric for the right season i.e. warming fabrics for chilly weathers, and lightweight fabrics for hotter weather.

3- Be stylish.

Designs and styles of bathrobes, just like anything else, are endless. You can choose a bathrobe that comes with pockets or there are some hooded bathrobes. Also, you can get one with simple floral designs knitted one them like the ones Layla Collection offers. 

4- Bathrobes lengths.

You might be wondering about the right length of a bathrobe. Overall, men bathrobes are supposed to be mid-calf or down to their ankles. Women, on the other hand, have more room to choose since their bathrobes can start from their mid-thigh to their ankle. Yet, you can always choose what feels right for you.


5- Functioning bathrobes.

If you are more of a practical person, you would want to look for functioning details in your new bathrobe. Basically, you need a bathrobe that has an absorption capacity if you’re using it post-showers or swimming pools. Our bathrobes are highly water-absorbing if you wish to own a practical bathrobe. Moreover, look for your the easy-using garments, bathrobes are known to be super easy to use; after all, all you have to do is to tie a robe. But also, you would want to get a bathrobe that would be easy to put on over your pajamas as you might want to feel this luxury from time to time.

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