Summer style

How to Dress Stylishly in The Summer


Summer is the season of fashion with its holidays, vacations, special occasions, and fun! This season has its own glorified colors, styles, and tips to look fresh and lovely. If we observe how most people dress in the summer, we’d notice that a lot of people are doing it wrong; weather intentionally or not. Some people just prefer comfort over dressing stylishly- especially when they get older. What they don’t realize is that you can always do both at the same time!


Try to keep the following tips in mind next time you go shopping online for new summer clothes. Remember, the goal is to look and feel fresh.


Simplicity always wins:

You don’t have to put on layers and layers of clothes to look nice; that’s never the case. In fact, the simpler you go, the more elegant your outfit will turn out to be. For example, a simple flower dress will look breathtaking for whatever occasion. Sundresses are also best friends with the hot season. In general, flower tops, dresses, as well as skirts are better than the form-fitting clothes in summer.


Go light in colors:

Lighter colors are especially made for summer. Try to avoid dark colors; such as black, because they do not only absorb more heat, but they won’t look that fresh and stylish most of the time. Light colors will keep you cool and will give you that summer vibe you’ve been waiting for.


Take your body type in consideration:

There are a lot of different body types, for e.g. apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and other types. Figure out what your body type is and then dress accordingly. For instance, people who have the apple-shaped figures look better when they wear tops or dresses that are wide around the belly but fitted around the bust.


Wear clothes that fit you:

Yes, this might be too obvious to consider, but a lot of people in summer fall in this trap. It’s not really stylish to show your underwear. Make sure that whatever you wear fits you well since it’s harder to cover up unfitting clothes in summer. Bras are also a big NO to show. It can be too obvious when your bra doesn’t fit you. Therefore, wear a bra that (a) fits you well, and (b) matches the style of your dress or top.


Get creative with the footwear:

Basically, sandals are the number one option that matches most summer clothes perfectly. However, a lot of women out there wear boring sandals that make them look frumpy. There are endless options and many varieties of sandals and other footwear that can spice up your whole outfit.


A striped shirt in your closet:

A striped shirt is the coolest summer piece for a lot of body types. If you look good in strips, then make sure to give your summer vibe a piece of that goodness! However, make sure the strips on your shirt are neither vertical nor too thick; these can actually kill the vibe.


The finishing touches:

To complete your summer look, you might also need to get yourself a summer fashionable hat and a neutral brown bag. As for the makeup, always go light and natural because it can be too hot out there. Plus, since it’s a hot season, your hair can be exhausting to deal with. Therefore, putting your hair in a stylish bun or breading your hair might be the most suitable fashionable style for your hair.