How to Find the Right Bra for You

How to Find the Right Bra for You

We know that shopping for a new bra must be the most tedious task a woman has to go through. It can be an annoying and inconvenient experience. This experience actually makes the process of getting a new bra a bit harder, and that’s why women usually stick with the same worn-out bra even way longer than recommended. Some women stay attached to the same bra because it’s, indeed, more comfortable and they are simply used to it. Plus, they don’t want to experience the hustle of and agony of getting sized for a new one. 


If you prefer to find your own bra size at home, learn how by reading this article on How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home.

When the straps start slipping, the cups lose their shape, or when the band wanes or stretches out, you know it’s time for a new bra. Why? Because a good supporting bra does not only make you feel and look great, it can also minimize your back pain, put you in a good posture, make your outfit look so much better, and, most importantly, make you look AND feel confident.


But first, ask yourself this question:

Do you actually need a new bra?

Here are the clearest signs that the time has come to hit the lingerie store:

  • Slipping straps: If your straps keep falling off after you tighten and adjust them, this means the straps have lost their elasticity.


  • Digging cups: Your cups may be too small if your breasts spell out of the cup and the cup is actually digging into your breast. The cup can also be too large or you’re having the wrong bra size if your breast shifts in your cup as you move; meaning there is an extra gap or space.


  • The band is riding up: The band is either too stretched out or too loose if the band of the bra is setting high.


  • Poking underwire: It’s a clear sign for a new bra when the underwire has poked out of the fabric or when the edges of the straps are visibly worn out.



How to Find the Best Bra for Your Breast Shape:

Breast shape must be considered when searching for the perfect bra. It’s not only a matter of finding the right size, therefore, take a quick read on the following rules of different breast shapes:


  • Wide-set breasts: If you have this shape of breasts, this means the fullness of your breast lies on the side. Hence, when looking for a new bra, search for a bra that has a spaced center part between the cups and for gently curving underwires.

  • Full rounded breasts: This shape means that the fullness is carried all over the area. Look for bras that are triangle or plunge bras that contain the cup without digging in your breasts.

  • Compact breasts: If you find the bras sitting away from your body, or the breast is sitting high, it means you have compact breasts. Look for bras that have fabric that stretches, or ones with contoured padding.

  • Teardrop breasts: The fullness in this shape is carried at the bottom. Look for bras that have fabric overlaying and keeping the cups lying flat.

  • Asymmetric breasts: The sizes of the breasts are different, meaning one can be larger than the other. It’s a very common case that women all over the world experience. Look for bras that are easily stretching and have shallow cups. Shop for the large breast to avoid cup spillage.


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