How to Stylishly Dress Up When You’re A Plus Size?

How to Stylishly Dress Up When You’re A Plus Size?

Plus size clothing is a modern trend in the fashion industry. It is mainly a line of clothing designed especially for people whose bodies are larger than the average person’s. The world is becoming more accepting and, more precisely, aware of the fact that the current clothing sizes are not always fair for a large segment of societies. A few decades ago, even if plus size clothes were available, they most likely won’t be trendy or on style, they will just be random pieces of clothes that does the job without presenting the privilege of showcasing a taste in fashion.

However, nowadays, the plus size clothing industry is only becoming larger, more advanced, and for sure more stylish! You might even have heard of plus size models whether on catwalks or all over your Instagram feed. And since this whole trend is fairly new, a considerable number of plus-size people still do not know how to dress up while being stylish. Therefore, we at Layla Collection are providing you a whole plus size category that is full of stylish pajamas and other options for you to choose from!

And because finding your won plus size style can be a bit challenging, following are simple life hacks that will definitely make the fashion life of yours much easier and more fun!


  1. Invest in high-quality undergarments:
    This step is more crucial to your entire plus size look than you might think it is. Wearing the right size bra and underwear is a vital part for an outstanding outfit. Investing in a decent form-fitting bra and underwear is a step you will never regret if you wish to have undergarments that will smooth and tighten everything out. Layla collection has the right sizes for your body, it can also provide you with some of its game-changing corset body shapers that are super easy to wear, to move in, and will attractively shape your body in an appealing comfortable way.

  2. Layer yourself up:
    For this part, you need to make sure you have multiple pieces of affordable basics, but at the same time, you want to spend a little more on your layers. Layering, with a little wisdom on how to match and how to switch your pieces around, can magically turn an outfit from one look to a complete another. However, you need to be cautious when layering because you don’t want to over-layer yourself to look puffy and actually larger than you truly are.

  3. Plus size nightwear and pajamas:
    Your loungewear and pajamas have their own share of the pie. Fleeing comfortable in your own home clothes is, with no doubt, more important than feeling comfortable in your outer wear. Layla Collection has some great pajama sets along with maternal wearnighties, robe sets, short sets and others in its plus size category. Check your options and double check the sizes, and you can always inquire more about the sizes by sending us a message through the WhatsApp icon on the screen; don’t feel confused because why feel confused when we always have the answers?


Finally, you need to embrace and accept yourself, try everything and do not limit yourself to certain outfits, always discover new trends and what works for you, and never stop looking for your own plus size style!

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