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Fun Autumn Activities for The Family


Create a bucket list of fun activities you should be doing with your family this autumn. Since most kids are studying from home, and most parents are working from home, it’s a really fun idea to plan out your autumn season together. There are fun autumn activities for everyone, and the following are some entertaining examples!


Use the Leaves!

Creating a huge pile of autumn leaves and then jumping on it is not only fun in movies, it’s a real pleasure in real life too. Moreover, you can make another use of the falling leaves by letting your kids be creative with hands and craft skills. Let them collect the leaves and paint them. They can also make animal shapes or other fun designs out of the leaves.

 autumn leaves

Apple Picking

Apple picking is the ultimate autumn family activity. It’s a great opportunity to bring the family closer together and create memories on apple orchards. You can make great use of these apples with the great apple pies, and there’s no harm in letting your kids help you with the recipe.

 apple picking

Use the Pumpkins

If you celebrate Halloween, there are many decoration ideas in which you’ll need a pumpkin. You can draw on them or carve them or empty them to make fun shapes and ideas. Otherwise, you can use the great nourishing value of pumpkins in food recipes such as pies or soups.


Haunted Houses

In this spooky season, you can find a lot of haunted houses places around. If you’re family is down for the challenge, then a little scare here and there can be fun!



This autumn might have some few good days that you shouldn’t miss to have a family picnic on. Make sure everyone is warm and cozy, and go for a family picnic and watch the leaves fall down and the colors turn.

 family picnic

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