Activities to Do When Self-Isolating

Activities to Do When Self-Isolating

Coronavirus COVID-19 has forced all of us to self-isolate and to stay at home. If you’re an extrovert and you found yourself going insane isolating yourself and can’t do this social-distancing thing, here are the best pastime activities to do through this tough time. We say “best” activities because they’re productive as well as fun. If you’re an introvert, these activities will work for you as well; no worries.


  1. Tidy It Up!

We don’t want to sound like your mom, but you know what the “it” refers to. It could be your room, your wardrobe, your office, or the entire house. You can clean out what you have always needed to clean out. And now is exactly the perfect time to do so. You can dedicate the new-found time to sorting your clothes out, to coordinate your office tools and messes into sections, or to deep-clean the spaces and corners around you. This will not only protect you from the germs, dirt, or dust but also it will put you in more comforting and clearer headspace. Plus, rearranging your wardrobe can be a great opportunity to finally figure out what new clothes you need and to rediscover your favorite; check our site if you are looking for homeware!

 So, put your playlist on shuffle, and don’t forget to reward yourself after!


  1. Step Up Your Workout Game

It’s a crucial time to keep ourselves healthy. But we’re lucky to have the internet providing us with tons and tons of unlimited workout videos. You can start yoga now like you always wanted to. Otherwise, there is surely a workout for you; whether you’re the type to get bored easily, or you prefer Pilates, or you’re more into body-weight workout; the internet got your back. Check Fitness Blender YouTube channel if you’re a newbie, and do it at your own pace.


  1. Stick to A Healthy Self-Care Routine

Whether it’s your hair, your skin, your body, or your sleeping schedule, they all have the right to be taken care of in these hard times. You’re self-isolating, when is a better time to start a self-care routine? Whether you want to start a night or a morning self-care routine or both, you’re doing yourself a favor. Check our article to help you start out.


  1. Read

Don’t roll your eyes yet. Just like your body, your mind needs to be taken care of as well when in isolation. And Reading is the best way to keep you both a sane person and an intellectual individual. You don’t have to start with a Shakespearean play, you have the control over what you want to read, and you can make reading the most fun and productive activity out there. Choose your book, or magazine wisely, and don’t hesitate to ask the experts.


  1. Watch T.V.

Nobody seems to argue that this is the most fun step. However, we watch T.V. all the time, why don’t we attempt to watch something different this time? The T.V. is full of educational, useful, and fun shows that can be addicting. There are a lot of documentaries that will surely match your taste. So, why not try a change for once?


  1. Listen to Podcasts.

Listening to podcasts has become the most convenient way to get more informed and entertained by whatever topics you like to know about. And in isolation, podcasts will you’re your company. There is a podcast on every single thing. You can hit two birds with one stone; listening to podcasts and doing steps number 1, 2, or even 3. You can start with mere fun podcasts to help you get lured in that world after a while.

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