Stay Healthy in Your Quarantine

Stay Healthy in Your Quarantine

Due to the outbreak of the international pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, a lot of individuals are advised, and others are forced to stay home. But what about staying healthy? Health should absolutely be our top priority at this very moment while we’re all surrounded by health concerns and worries. Picture this scenario, a quarantine is in action, and you’re trapped in your own house for god knows how long, why not abide by the correct healthy procedures to make it out of this pandemic healthier and in a better state than before? It’s doable. All you have to do is make use of the wasted time in actually doing something good for your own sake.


Following are a few actions you should apply in your daily routine from now on; even when the quarantine is hopefully over:

1-  Stay Physically Active:

Both physical activities and relaxation techniques are advised in this tiring time as they’ll assist you in becoming a calmer individual and a healthier one as well. The WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activities each week, or a combination of both if possible.

What physical activities should you embrace from now on?

  1.     Take an active break on a daily basis: For example, you can fill your time with fun yet active actions such as dancing, playing with your kids, and doing household chores such as sweeping, and gardening are other ways of remaining actively busy at home.

  2.     Online exercise videos: The internet is rich in exercise classes that are suitable for every age and category. You can finally find the workout that you like. A lot of classes are offered for free on YouTube. But always make sure to work out at your own pace and don’t over push your limitations.

  3.       Stand up or walk: You should try to reduce the sedentary period by getting up wherever possible. Preferably, try to interrupt sitting and resting time every 30 minutes. When you’re standing, attempt to work on cognitive stimulating activities such as reading, solving puzzles, etc. As for walking, it’s true that when you’re home quarantined, you are limited by small spaces and areas. Still, walking around the house can legitimately help you stay active. For example: when you’re on a phone call with someone, try to walk instead of sitting. And if you feel like walking out of the house, make sure to stay 1-meter away from others.


2- Watch What You Eat:

You should realize that quarantine boredom can lead to overeating, and thus, obesity and health problems. Before you eat, ask yourself, is it hunger or just quarantine boredom? Sometimes, you’re just thirsty and your body translates thirst as hunger. Therefore, whenever you feel hungry; drink some water first and then decide if you still want to eat or not.

When we stay at home, it’s normal to start craving food; since we’re not busy. Hence, always make yourself busy with activities that you can’t eat while doing them.

You got to fight the snack urge when you’re home quarantined. So, start from your grocery shopping; do not purchase fatty or addicting snacks and instead switch to healthier options. Since all the gyms and health centers are now closed, to stay healthy during quarantine, you need to watch what you eat.


3- Protect Your Mental Health:

When home quarantined, mental health is a crucial thing you need to focus on. If you’re isolated on your own, things can get tougher on you. Therefore, always stay in touch with your friends and family. Try to see the bright sides of things; for example; now you have time to do the things you always wanted to do but didn’t have enough time for them.  Realize that stressing out will only worsen things and will never fix any issue. And finally, don’t worry about things you have no control over; as long as you’re doing your part and you’re isolating yourself at home, then this whole coronavirus COVID-19 should end soon. 


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