Picking A New Pair of Sunglasses

Many people mainly focus on how their sunglasses look and ignore the fact that sunglasses are made to protect the eyes from the harmful sun rays. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to the eyes on the short and the long run. Sunglasses will not only make it easier to see in a sunny day, they will also be a layer of protection to keep your eyes safe.

Here is what you need to check before purchasing a new pair of sunglasses:

Go bigger:

The bigger the sunglasses, the more the coverage which means more protection for the eyes and the sensitive areas around them. Luckily, oversize sunglasses are stylish and there are different designs for different face shapes.

Complete blockage:

Your sunglasses should 100% block UV rays. This is a step many people miss. You got to look for a tag that indicates the percentage of UV blockage, and don’t settle for less than 100%.

Sunglasses for kids:

Kids also need protection from the harmful UV rays. Kids as young as 6 months old can start wearing sunglasses to build the habit and keep their eyes safe.

Shoot for quality:

When it comes to your eyes, prices shouldn’t matter. High-quality sunglasses are usually more expensive but they’re also more durable and last longer. However, if you find a pair that 100% blocks UV rays, it might be as good as other expensive options.

The color of the lens:

It might seem that darker colors for the lens mean better blockage from UV rays, but that’s not necessarily true. Colors, in this case, do not matter, but darker lens tend to look more stylish than lighter ones.

Sunglasses for driving:

Sun rays can not only be annoying when driving, they can also be extremely dangerous and distracting. Hence, polarized lenses are recommended as they eliminate the glare, and brownish or greenish lens help reducing color distortion.  

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