The Guide to Bridal Lingerie

The Guide to Bridal Lingerie

Every bride has a lot on her plate; from taking care of the mundane wedding arrangements from scratch to actually attempting to pull off the wedding of her dreams and make it a day to remember. However, a task we all admit is very important always gracefully takes its place on the list of arrangements; picking the perfect bridal lingerie. It can be a tiresome task; that’s true, but you will never forget its details. It’s one of the most intriguing tasks that you’ll find yourself enjoying when you become a bride or if you’re helping a bride.

We’re going to assist you figure out how to pack the cute yet sexy bridal lingerie for your sweet honeymoon. You should make the right choices for this one-of-a-lifetime moment.

bridal lingerie

Bridal Lingerie Must Haves.

1. A Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie.
Baby dolls are by far the most known bridal lingerie, they come in millions  of designs and colors. They are very playful and usually short. The martial of a baby doll dress can be see-through, lace or a mix of both! No bride should walk down the aisle if she has not purchased her baby doll dresses yet; and yes, you’re going to need more than one. Trust us.

2. A Satin Nightgown.
Satin Nightgowns will give you the majestic look of a queen. Satin always rules. They also come in majestic colors. They can be knee-long, ankle-long, or even sexy short. A nightgown will not only accompany you in your first sweet days, it will be there for you; forever.

3. A Satin Robe Set.
A robe set would be a very smart choice. Of course, you can buy a solo robe, but why not hit two birds with one stone? A robe set will give you the robe you need along with your choice from lots of variations. You can choose; shorts, trousers, or long or short dresses; it’s up to you to throw the stone! Plus, the satin will add the sexy factor to the robe set.

4. A Slip Dress.
It is a very simple and fast-to-wear dress. You can wear them under your wedding dress, and you can even sleep in them. They are very helpful for when you’re getting ready and you want to be done with your make-up first in your wedding day. Also, they’re usually very affordable.

5. A Cotton Bridal Set.
Lace and satin surely need to be in your list, and so does cotton. You have to, at least, add a pair of cotton sets to your bridal lingerie collection; whether it’s a cotton dress, shorts, robe sets, nightgowns. You need to have some cotton in there for your own comfort.

6. A Satin Pajama.
You have to prepare some cotton pajamas for your new clothes, but you should never dare to forget the must-have set of satin pajamas. Nothing will make you feel sexier and more alive than feeling the satin pajama on your skin. Satin pajamas come in sets of two, four, even six pieces. And since every bride has to get her “something-blue” lingerie; always a satin pajama makes a great something-blue lingerie!

Bridal Pajama Set

7. A Bridal Bustier Set.
For your big day, you need to be at the utmost state of comfort clothes-wise because you might have other things to worry about; no need to add your bridal wear to the equation. Therefore, choosing a comfortable bridal bustier set will not only make you thank yourself, but will also shape up your figure underneath that wedding dress. Plus, it will make you look sexy when you take your wedding dress off; it’s a win-win situation!

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