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The Struggles of Plus Sizes


Being a plus size is challenging, and the fashion industry is playing a huge role in that. To be fair, the approach the fashion industry is taking to include people of plus sizes is respectable, but it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Yes, more plus sizes are represented in the media, on cat walks, and in magazines. But no, the dressing up struggle of plus sizes is not yet resolved.


One of the main issues that many plus sizes complain about is actually the sizing. Manufacturers assume just because someone is a plus size that means they’re pretty tall; and that’s not true at all. Manufacturers also make the mistake of flooding the plus sizes category with clothes made for plus sizes with the hourglass body shape when most plus sizes don’t have that type of body. Since people gain their extra weight differently and in different area of their bodies, designers need to make sure there’s enough room in their designs. Unlike regular sizes, there isn’t a certain “fit” in plus sizes, and that needs to be put into consideration.


Another problem is the styling issue. Many plus-size brands are simply not providing the style people are looking for. Most plus size clothes are either too tight, too revealing, or plainly not stylish at all. People of plus sizes don’t seem to have the privilege regular sizes are having in terms of wide styling opportunities. Designers need to take in consideration that there are mainly 2 types of plus sizes; a type that wants to cover up the “imperfections” of their bodies, and the type that embraces their bodies the way they are and wishes to look and feel stylish. Both types of plus sizes should easily find their needs provided.


Get to know some plus sizes clothing hacks. 


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