Types of Women’s Clothing and Fashion

Types of Women’s Clothing and Fashion

Clothes, when it comes to women, are a way to express one’s self and fashion is a representation of confidence and style. And since there isn’t just one type of personality, there is a great deal of types of women’s clothing styles and ways of dressing up. There is an unspoken rule of a dress code that all women find themselves able to understand. However, for those who find themselves struggling, overdressing, or underdressing, provided is a general list of clothing categories or rules to inspire you on what to dress for your next occasion.

Active wear:
As its name suggests, active wear is the type of clothes you wear when you’re planning in being comfortable in what you’re wearing because you will be physically active. You need active wear when you’re going to a fitness class for example, or when you’re taking a walk. However, active wear is all about being comfortable, so even if you’re not going to work out, you still can wear them as a street style. These clothes include t-shirts, jogging sets, leggings, jackets, sweat suits, and all sport wear are included as well in this category.

Summer wear:
Summer wear is a whole world itself. When the heat is up, go wild with colors and patterns. It’s okay to go bold with your choices, isn’t that what summer is all about? Exotic colors and designs blossom in summertime.  Hence, show off your kooky mixes, batiks fabric tops, or even your glamorous ruffles. Yet, if you just feel like sticking with your plain jeans, try to add a little bit of energy to your top-wear, for example, go with an off-the-shoulder top. Summer is your chance to glow, so seize that chance.

The suit up style:
Yes, we can argue that suits are better on women than on men. This type of women’s clothing is dedicated to professional events, such as day-to-day job dress code, professional occasions, or job interviews. These clothes include pants, jacket, shirts, and skirts. There is no better way to show your business-y side than suiting up!

Special events wear:
It is also known as social wear, and it includes events in which there are people’s gatherings and social occasions. Make sure to look simple but elegant in these events, so, go with a dress; whether long or short. Or go with a classic yet sexy look, which doesn’t have to be all tight and short, such as full skirts or belted dresses.

This means everything that is meant to be worn at home. And this category has numerous options; whether we’re addressing sleep & lounge wear, underwear, maternal wear, lingerie and bridal wear, it’s all about choosing what fits right and what meets your needs. Whether you’re choosing your home wear based on feeling comfortable or looking sexy, you will always be overwhelmed with options. This type of women’s clothing starts to be a “topic” among girls at a very young age since it’s a significant one. And thus, you have to think twice before randomly surfing any online clothing store. This type of clothes will accompany you throughout the day such as your bra and underwear or will be your relaxing-time wear. So, make sure to be careful when online shopping.

Sleep wear

It is also known as overclothes which mainly means any clothes you put on for your casual days such as college clothes, casual Friday at work, or hanging out clothes. This type includes blazers, jackets, coats and overcoats, capes and etc. You can also make yourself look special in this type of clothes by going floral and unique.

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