Wear Oversized Clothes in Style

Wear Oversized Clothes in Style


Oversized clothes have the reputation of being the clothes you wear when you don’t know what else to wear. They’re known to be the no-effort clothes. However, that does not have to be the case for you if you’re a woman of a fashionable taste. You can still rock oversized outfits with some simple tricks and never be out of style! Sometimes all it takes to turn your outfit up is one oversized piece.


Not Too Oversized:

When jumping on this fashion trend, you got to somehow stay near your actual size. Don’t jump too several size up. Too big pieces will make your outfit look baggy in all the wrong places.


Oversized Jeans:

When buying oversized jeans, the thing you have to worry about is not the size, but the style that is intentionally loose. Pick it to be baggy from the legs and well-fitting from the waist area.


Dress Up For The Occasion:

The trends of oversized clothes pop up every now and then; however, you cannot wear them everywhere. Some occasions require more formal type of wear. For example, eveningwear is probably not a suitable time to wear your oversized outfit.


Details Matter:

When planning an oversized outfit, ask yourself what the attractive details are. You want to have a central point to your outfit that is stylish, and not just a big mass of thrown fabrics. At the same time, don’t include to much details in all your pieces, because you’ll end up looking like you’re drowning in them.


Oversized Scarf:

In colder times, and if done right, and oversized scarf will give the go look you’re looking for. On one hand, it’ll keep you warm and cozy. On another hand, it’ll give the oversized look in a neat and simple way.


Balance The Outfit:

When going with an oversized look, you will need to balance the pieces you’re wearing. For example, match oversized top pieces with other regular sizes pants. Yet, don’t go with super skinny pieces because the vivid contrast will look weird.


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