What to Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes?

What to Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes?

As soon as you’re blessed with the news that you’re a mom to be, millions of questions start bombarding your mind; one of which is: Should I or should I not buy maternity clothes? Some women tend to believe that they can get through pregnancy with whatever in their wardrobe. Other women are constantly confused at what to wear on a daily basis. However, you need to realize that just like every aspect about pregnancy, your wardrobe needs to be fully prepared as well.
Throughout pregnancy, your body is changing every single day, and finding the right outfit that will look effortlessly good on your body can be seen as a challenge. Hence, provided are some points to consider when buying maternity clothes that you’ll need to go through as soon as you learn that you’re a mom to be.

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What to buy when shopping for maternity clothes?

The “what” part of this mission has many angles to it.

      • Sizes: most likely if your size is XL before pregnancy, then you would be an XL in maternity clothes as well. However, it is not guaranteed, as the pace and areas of changes that happen to your body are different. Therefore, before completing any purchase of maternity clothes, you have to double check your maternity size. At Layla Collection, we have all the answers to your inquiries about sizes. In our website, we have a dedicated customer service representative who is specialized to provide you with details and answers to your questions about sizes. To get a hold of this service, all you have to do is click on the WhatsApp icon that will be visible all the time at the right bottom corner of the website.
      • Material: basically, you’ll need to avoid synthetic materials like nylon and acrylic because they can cause irritations or preserve body heat close to your skin due to the lack of their breathability. Instead, switch to more natural materials like linen, silk, cotton, and wool. In addition, make sure you’re wearing clothes that are easy to stretch to facilitate your daily moving, and avoided tight or restrictive clothes. Plus, invest in a maternal robe set or pajama from our collection which are going be handy to facilitate your night time during pregnancy.
      • Underwear and bras: With the new changes you’ll face, your undergarments needs will also change. You will defiantly need to buy a new maternity bra; choose supportive non-wired or flexible wired bras. And you will need a new set of underwear to accommodate your growing bump. This sensitive layer of clothes will decide how comfortable you’ll be. Make sure to buy high quality underwear and bras. Check our collection for the latest and most comfortable bras and underwear.
      • Style: If you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t by stylish. To the contrary, you have to embrace your fashion sense when you're pregnant because it will make you feel better about yourself and that’s what you should be shooting for. Pregnancy fashion is a huge industry with so many options for you. Feel free to go bold with the colors; some vibrant maternity tops with a pair of maternity jeans will never fail to make you look well-dressed.

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    When to buy maternity clothes?

    The changes that occur to the body during pregnancy are different from a woman to another; yet, the question when to buy maternity clothes is quite agreed to be similar for all cases. First, consider the seasons, do not get hyped up and buy a summer dress designed for a 9-month pregnant mom when you know it’s going to be winter in your ninth month! 

    Plus, if this pregnancy is your first, you may get a bit too excited to show off your new cute bump; however, try to resist the urge of buying maternity clothes at the very early stages of your pregnancy as they can be unnecessary.


    Where to buy comfortable maternity clothes?

    Check our Layla Collection website for the latest trendy maternity clothes that are designed for all moms to be of all stages!

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