What You Need to Know About Corsets

What You Need to Know About Corsets

Just like everything else, corsets too have their own types and styles that are suitable for various needs and occasions. Putting some effort when buying your first corset or just adding a new piece to your collection is a vital step. Most likely, you wear corsets because you have to and not because you want to. However, if you’re wearing the proper corset that fits you right, you’ll wake up every day excited for the “wearing a corset” part of the day. Your new corset will not just be an undergarment, it will become a part of you; as long as you’re making the right purchasing decisions.

What’s the point of corsets?

If we go back in time, corsets were squeezing pieces of lingerie that were designed to give the sexy look to women, but in a more modern definition, corsets have more tasks to accomplish. Now corsets have to endure the mission of pulling in the waist, giving a nice shape to your bust, providing some kind of bra support and generally giving you the hourglass body shape or other shapes depending on the design of the corsets.


What are the types of corsets?

You need to know that corsets are mostly known as shapewear. And there is a considerable amount of them. It all depends of what part/s of your body you desire to enhance the shape of. For starters, there is the butt lifter shapewear, shaping shorts and leggings, the waist shaper, bra shapers, arm shapers, braless full body shaper, high waist panty shaper, long leg shaper, slip shaper, waist clinchers, and even more! Whatever part of your body your insecure about or would like to make it look more in shape, there is a corset for it!

How to choose your new corsets:

First off, you need to figure out what outcome you’d like to get, this means what level of compression do you want? Are you looking a light control? which is suitable for everyday comfort and it’s for the goal of smoothing up some bulges. Or are you looking for a firm control? Which is used to accentuate your shape and control your curves. Or are you going for an extra firm control?  Which should be useful for special occasion like weddings or parties where you want to look toned and breathtaking, however, your breath shouldn’t be taken; make sure to be able to breathe and not constrained at all.


Next, you have to decide what part of your body you want to boost. Are you going full body shapewear? Or you want to tone up your torso? Or do you wish to slim down the bulks of the bottom of your body? Once you decide on the type of corset you want, you can move to the next step which is the size.

When choosing a corset size, you have to, no, you must stick to your size- in most cases. Trying to narrow down your size for more body toning or shaping will only leave you in discomfort and you won’t find yourself even wearing the corset you spent your money on. Therefore, corsets are designed to fit you in your size; stick to it. And don’t worry if you’re a plus size, there’s as many options and styles for you as there for others.

Finally, choose the materiel based on the climate. If it’s cold, go for shapewear that is made of spandex or nylon as they preserve the body heat. But when it’s hot, try to look for corsets that include cotton for more breathability.

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