Why Do We Wear Pajamas?

Why Do We Wear Pajamas?

Maybe we grew up wearing pajamas to sleep, or we may have suddenly jumped into the habit of wearing them. However, it seems that most of us can’t pinpoint a reason to “why” we wear pajamas at night.


The following is a list of reason to answer this weird, yet interesting question:

  • Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Of course, comfort comes first when we’re addressing night pajamas. What a person wears at night highly affects his quality sleep and accordingly, their morning energy. It’s reflected on how good you sleep at night and how active and energetic you are in the morning. Pajamas that are designed with good breathability and access to airflow are a major key for a deep slumber.


  • Wearing Pajamas Is A Way of Taking Care of Yourself

Pajamas are part of your self-care routine and your everyday wellness. It’s not just about what you do, eat, or wear in the morning, it’s also about what you wear in bed. Wearing pajamas at night is a good way to improve your self-esteem because you know you’re doing what you can to give back to your body. It’s a rewarding feeling to slip in something comfortable for the sake of taking care of yourself; physically and mentally.


  • Time to Go to Bed

The habit of wearing pajamas to bed every single night creates an automatic signal to your brain that now is time for bed. Setting a night routine will absolutely help you fall asleep faster. Hence, pajamas can be an off switch for your tired brain.

 sleeping pajamas

When we sleep, our skin renews itself by shedding all over our mattresses and bedsheets. Wearing pajamas will certainly eliminate the amount of scattered bacteria and skin shed on your bed sheets or mattress; since they tend to be harder to clean or wash. Therefore, always make sure to keep your pajamas clean and shiny!



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