Chapped Lips Treatment

Chapped Lips Treatment

With the colder season getting closer, you’ll notice dry skin taking over. More importantly, your lips will be getting more chapped and cracked. Some people experience chapped lips even in the midst of summer. Therefore, there are different ways to treat and heal chapped lips.


  • Lip balms:

Regular use of high-quality lip balms can help you get rid of chapped lips. However, make sure your lip balm does not contain menthol, camphor, phenol or any other drying ingredients. Scented or flavored lip balms are not usually recommended.


  • Hydrate:

Keeping your fluid intake on decent levels is a good way to moisturize your body, skin, and lips from the inside. When you’re dehydrated, your lips cannot hide it.


  • Some Exfoliating:

Lip balms and other lips products can be useless if your lips are covered with a dry layer that prevents the ingredients of these products from being absorbed into your lips. Hence, get yourself a lip scrub that is gentle and soothing with natural ingredients.


  • Oil your lips up:

Applying some natural ultra-tender oils to your lips is a good step to provide moisturization and relief. Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are great options for cracked lips.


  • Natural remedies:

Chapped lips can be fixed with some simple natural remedies. For example, you can find recipes of homemade remedies made out from aloe vera, cucumber, honey, green tea, or coconut oil. Otherwise, you can buy ready-made natural remedies products from stores.


  • Quit smoking:

If you’re a smoker, you must have heard or read the phrase “quit smoking” as a solution for many different issues. And it’s indeed a solution for a lot of issues. Tobacco can cause irritation to the sensitive skin around the lips along with other mouth issues that you’re in no need of.


  • Humidifier:

If you live in an environment that you think is causing your skin and lips to dry out, then consider getting a humidifier to freshen up and moisturize the air around you, and accordingly, your cracked lips.


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