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How to Care for Your Bathrobe Sets

The feeling of being wrapped into a soft bathrobe after a shower is undeniably one of the best feelings ever. Just like your robe is taking care of you, it needs a simple caring ritual of its own. No matter the quality of your bathrobe is or how durable it is, it can be vulnerable to some circumstances that reduce the robe’s lifetime. Therefore, following are some tips on the essentials of taking good care of your bathrobe sets.



Firstly, make sure your bathrobe is stored in a spacious area and not tightly pressed between other clothes. Moreover, use a hanger for the robe only- no matter what fabric it is-, and hang the robe only when it’s dried out. Do not store moist bathrobes to avoid rot.



Before you use any method or product to wash your bathrobe, make sure to thoroughly read the washing instructions that are usually attached to the robe’s label. Figure out the temperature your bathrobe can endure. Also, be mindful of the detergent you’re using if it’s for colored or uncolored clothes; depending on your robe’s color.



If you’re changing robes between different seasons, only store them when they’re 100% dry. After the regular robe wash, look for the recommended spinning circle that is needed to remove the extra water and to dry it out. Bathrobe sets are not recommended to be dry cleaned nor ironed as it can affect the color as well as the fabric of the robe.


Preserving the original color:

Avoid drying the robes in the sun as it can cause the colors to fade. It’s also recommended that you wash bathrobe sets in colder water and shorter cycles to preserve the colors.


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