Choose the right underwear

How to Choose the Suitable Underwear?


There are many quizzes online that you can take to find out the perfect underwear for you. However, the best you can do to yourself is get yourself educated before getting quizzed. Purchasing new pieces of underwear is a critical step that should require your attention. Your underwear is not like a pair of socks that you can just try on and then discard later. It’s a vital piece in your everyday life. It will be the decision-maker when it comes to your comfort and mobility. You don’t want to keep tugging at them, you don’t want them to be pinching at your skin. Plus, if you went with super tight panties, not only you will have lumps underneath your clothes, but they can also cause irritation and skin chafing.

What to do?

Basically, once you figure out your body type, you will most likely be able to find the right fit. All you have to worry about later is the style and the fabric- which are 100% up to. Thus, provided are some tips you will need to go through every time you purchase new underwear. 


Learn What Suits You:

Firstly, you have to be in the know of the measurements of your hips and waist. Then, you’ll take these measurements and check the provided sizing information for the underwear you wish to purchase. Next, if you don’t want your panties rolling down all day long, you have to go with underwear that has firm elastic in its waistband to ensure comfort.


What Fabric to Choose:

Cotton undies are a great suggestion as they’re known for their high breathability. You won’t suffer from infections or rashes when in cotton. You can also choose any synthetic fabric such as Lycra, Nylon, or spandex if you’re going for a slimmer fit. These fabrics, undoubtedly, look smoother than cotton underneath clothes. Yet, if you’re going with a “sexy” look or for a special occasion, then silk or lace will be your saviors, however; they don’t enjoy much breathability, so make sure you don’t get infected because these fabrics keep the moisture, unlike cotton.


What Type of Underwear to Select:

If you are going in a pair of skinny jeans and you want the perfect slimmer fit underwear, then you got to go with a thong. Thongs or “G-strings”- (similar to thongs but with no waistband) provide minimal coverage but your outwear will thank you for the lump-free look. You have to keep in mind that thongs are usually seen unconventional compared to other types, so make sure you’d feel at least the minimum level of comfort wearing them.

As for everyday wear, you can go with bikini briefs as they are the most common type amongst women. Bikini briefs don’t provide the same coverage as the high waisted briefs. The latter is good for the ladies with quite a large belly and who don’t feel comfortable in the first 2 types. However, if most of your weight is centered in the lower part of your body, then you might feel more comfortable in boy shorts which are the female version of men’s boxers and they enjoy more of a rectangular shape compared to other types of panties. Finally, selecting a Hipster panty is also suggested as it provides good coverage, it’s body-hugging, and you can wear it under any outfit.   

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