Misconceptions About Bras You Should Ignore.

Misconceptions About Bras You Should Ignore.

 All women share the necessity of having bras; whether they like wearing them or not; some days, you can’t just survive without them. Do you know the suitable type of bra that you need? If not, check our article: Get the Right Information About Your Bras

But, us women, can’t deny that we grew up with some beliefs about bras that we’ll sometimes find out later that they’re simply wrong. As soon as you grow up as a woman and you start wearing bras, you should go dive into that world with an open mind. Try things for yourself and don’t pass on wrong information. To better help you choose your next bra, read each of the following misconceptions about bras and ignore them.

Misconception Number One ~ The Back of The Bra Should Be Loose:

Well, that is just wrong. When you try on your bra, especially for the first time, make sure the bra is pretty tightened up. We’re not saying you should suffocate yourself, but it should be as tight and as comfy at the same as you can handle. You should keep in mind that the under-band of the bra will loosen up by itself with time when you wear and when you wash it. Don’t fall in the temptation of going a size up to have more space in the back, make sure it’s the tightest for the best support it can give.


Misconception Number Two ~ Fuller-Busted Women Should Not Be Wearing Strapless Bras:

This misconception is just unfair. All women will need their strapless bra at some point. That’s why a lot of brands now provide a wide variety of collections of strapless bras that can provide the most support and comfort for all the ladies. Check out our amazingly comfortable variations of strapless bras that are made for you.



Misconception Number Three ~ Large Breasts Will Spill Over the Cups of The Bra.

A breast spillage is just not the destiny for women with bigger breasts. The bra should fit you fine; however, some little leaking of your breast on the side is fine; it’s normal. But you shouldn’t have your parts excessively spilling over the cups of your bra; if so, it just means you are wearing the wrong size of the bra. Make some adjustments.


Misconceptions Number Four ~ To Find Out Your Bra Size, You Should Try It On.

This misconception is not entirely true if it works for you, then it’s a great luck. Going in a bra shop, trying on a bra, and liking it because it is beautiful and comfortable is not always a successful way to choose your bra or to figure out its size. Yet, finding out the bra size is not a trial and error experiment, you should always measure up. Make sure you’re measuring the right places form right above your bust as well as the fullest parts of your bust. 


Misconception Number Five ~ A Gap Between the Cup and The Bra Is A Natural Result of Push-Up Bras.

Since a push-up bra is practically a manipulation added to your breast, you think it might be logical that it causes a gap between the cup and the breast. However, in reality, there should never be a gap; even in a push-up bra. If so, a gap is an indication that you’re wearing a bigger size than yours.


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