The Fabric Guide to Robe Sets


Robes don’t have a certain season, it’s always the season for robes. Don’t hesitate when thinking about purchasing a new robe set. However, there’s mainly one major thing to take into consideration, and that is the fabric of the robe. There are A LOT of fabrics to choose from; following are some of them.


Silk and Satin:

These materials usually give the sensation of luxury and romance which is quite right. Robes made of silk or satin are a good option as lounge wear because they’re so light and easy to move in.


Cotton Waffle:

This material is entirely made of cotton and it got its name from its special diamond patterns. It’s ideal when you want a robe to be absorbent because it dries up quickly.


Cotton Terry:

Cotton terry gives the robe a heavier and warmer appeal due to its thick and uncut loops. Towels and bathrobes are usually made of this material because it’s highly absorbent.  



Wool is a good robe material to wear in colder weather. It provides a warm sensation especially after taking a shower. However, it can get pretty heavy when wet, but if it’s mixed with other materials, it can become lighter and more practical.



Flannel is soft to touch and warm; hence, it’s recommended to be worn in colder weather. Robe sets made of flannel are classics and widely used for bathrobes in particular.



Cashmere robe sets are quite expensive purchases, but they’re usually of great quality. If you feel like pampering yourself and getting luxuries, this is your go-to material. Cashmere is better as a lounge wear rather than a bathrobe because it’s light but does not have absorbing qualities.


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