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Tips for Buying Newborn Clothes


 Nothing beats the joy of receiving the news that a baby is on the way! But this little angel needs a lot of preparation and considerations before it preciously joins your life. However, it’s almost universally agreed on that the step of buying and preparing the baby’s closet must be the most enjoyable task of all. Moms, new ones particularly, always fall into some mistakes that can be easily avoided when buying newborn or baby clothes.


Here is all you need to know before you purchase baby clothes:


- Functionality always comes first:

As a new mom, your mind will be full of things to worry about, baby clothes should not be one of these. Always make it easy on you and look for baby clothes that are highly functional and practical. Babies, and newborns particularly, spend most of their time in deep slumbers, hence, focus on purchasing comfortable pieces of clothes. Look for comfy baby gowns, onesies, footies. Hint: always go for zippers and try to avoid clips. Zippers are much easier and less time consuming to deal with. You can now find some baby clothes that actually have a zipper from the bottom till the top to make it so easy for you to change the baby’s diapers any time without having to expose the baby to the cold room temperature, for example. Plus, you really won’t need those designer baby clothes; they might look cute, but functionality comes first.


-Consider the season:

We know that your heart skips a beat at every sight of cute baby clothes but pull yourself together! You may not need or use a lot of the clothes that you see. One of the most essential factors to consider is the weather and the season. If your due date is in winter, buy clothes and outfits that would warm the baby up. If you liked and outfit that is designed to be worn in the summer, then calculate how old your baby will be in the summer and so on. Also, check the fabrics weather your buying online or in-store to see if it’s weather-appropriate or not.


-Baby gifts:

You also got to consider that you will be receiving a lot of baby clothes as gifts when your newborn is welcomed into the world in his baby shower. You don’t have to buy a lot, because you’ll end up using a lot of what you bought or what people got you.


-Sizes are important:  

The size of the baby can be out of your expectations. You need to only buy a few pieces of clothes before your baby comes, and when it arrives, you can get a clearer image of how big (chubby!) or small your baby is, and accordingly, you can get clothes with sizes that actually fit. Plus, newborns grow out of their clothes too fast, so be mindful of the amount you buy.


-Safe baby clothes:

Yes, there are some styles and additions to baby clothes that might actually be considered as a life hazard. Clothes with flowers, bows, buttons on them can put your baby’s life at risk. When your baby gets too active- around 8 to 14 months- you might need to consider buying clothes that are made of flame-resistant fabrics to protect your baby from possible burns during his active time.


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